Colored home enamel paint

See enamel tub for colored houses based on dye, oil paints and environments.
This type of paint is not suitable for walls, as the paint can have blisters and peeling. This paint
should be used on wood or metals. It is a very resistant paint, as it creates a film on the
surface, which can be easily washed off. Due to its high resistance, this type of paint is suitable
for outdoor areas.
It is an oil-based paint, with a strong smell and slow drying.
It is a paint with a lot of shine, even in the matte versions.
Sudbury paiting houses
Water-based enamel paint
Blue water-based enamel paint.
Water-based enamel paint retains the characteristics of oil enamel paint, such as high gloss
and good strength, but it has a weaker smell and faster drying. Its use, however, remains
indicated in woods and metals.
The resistance of this type of paint is superior to that of latex and acrylic paints, but less than
that of oil-based enamel paint, which is why it is recommended for indoor environments.