When choosing paint for wood and metals, synthetic enamel is the most recommended option.

For ceilings, the ideal is to choose latex paint, as it has low odor, great
coverage, and a matte finish, which is the most suitable for this purpose. Latex
paint does not have the same resistance to cleaning when compared to acrylic
paint, on the other hand, it has a lower cost. For outdoor environments,
choosing acrylic paint is also recommended, given its resistance to bad
weather. In addition to conventional acrylic paints, there are specific paints for
outdoor environments, such as Coral Protection Sol & Rain, which forms an
impermeable rubberized film, resistant to cracks, mildew and salt spray. And
Suvinil Semper Nova, which forms a film where dirt does not adhere, and the
rain helps to clean the wall again, in addition to keeping the colors vibrant for
longer. It is necessary to pay attention to the type of surface where the paint will
be applied. For example, in the case of tiles, epoxy paints are the most suitable,
as they have excellent adhesion to extremely smooth surfaces, and resistance
to moisture. They are often used for painting tile walls in bathrooms and
kitchens as they provide durability and strength. Lincoln painting houses